A Powerful Training Management Software

Edstellar’s hassle-free training management system offers integrated functionality for managing, scaling, and delivering instructor-led training worldwide for organizations.

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A Powerful Training Management Software
In-person/Virtual Instructor-led
Experiential and Interactive Programs
Effective Training Methodology
Certified, and Highly Experienced Instructors

An Integrated TMS for Enhanced Training Experience

Edstellar's Training Management Software addresses the gap in organizations, offering personalized training, transparent progress tracking, and team certification. Integration seamlessly enhances existing e-learning modules with impactful instructor-led training, maximizing the training experience.

Training Management System

Integrated Global Training Delivery System

Transform your training strategy with Edstellar's comprehensive corporate training management software. Plan your annual training program that streamlines the planning and execution of training across teams and business units. Say goodbye to disjointed training programs and hello to a unified training management solution, designed to help you achieve all of your training goals.

Expert Instructors Onboard

Simplify your trainer search by seamlessly connecting with top-notch, industry-leading trainers worldwide across various industries, domains, skillsets, and languages and ensure your workforce achieves training objectives with ease and efficiency.

Instructor-Led Global Delivery
Customized Training Solutions

Comprehensive Training Solution

Our customized approach tailors instructor-led training to your organization's unique goals. Choose from on-site, virtual, or blended learning solutions, ensuring the right format for your specific needs.

Customized Training Solutions

Our customized approach tailors instructor-led training to your organization's unique goals. Choose from on-site, virtual, or blended learning solutions, ensuring the right format for your specific needs.

The Go-To Choice for Top-tier Organizations

U World

Key Features of the Training Management Software

Edstellar's training management platform meets the dynamic needs of modern businesses with various features. Users can schedule, track, and manage training programs effortlessly with our user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and robust functionality.

Administration Features

Users Management (UAM)
Training Calendar Management
Training Dashboard
Managing Attendee lists
Course Discovery
Logistics & Operations

Communication Features

Online Chat
Export Reports
Bulk Messaging to Attendees

Learning and Development Features

Skills Matrix
Stellar AI
Employee Profile
Verified Trainers
Learning paths (Coming Soon)
Truly Instructor-led
Dedicated Resources

Technology Integration Features

HRMS integration
Certificate Management
Analytics & Reports

Discover the Power of Managed Training Services

Let Edstellar handle your organization's training needs. Focus on your business while we support your growth.

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Get Personalized Training Suggestions

Let Edstellar handle your organization's training needs. Focus on your business while we support your growth.

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Evaluate the Required Skill Level of your Workforce

Let Edstellar handle your organization's training needs. Focus on your business while we support your growth.

Explore Skill Matrix

Why Use a Training Management Software

Streamlined Training Operations

Providing limitless customization for all training needs, from administration to delivery.

Compliant & Stress-free

Our training processes adhere to industry standards and regulations, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Personalized Training

Saves time and effort with personalized, data-driven approaches to training.

Training Analytics

Analyzes data to provide actionable insights and optimize training programs.

Address Skill Gaps

Promotes employee growth and competence by identifying and addressing skill deficiencies.

Increased ROI

Improves training outcomes and productivity to maximize training investments.

Training Management: Old School vs Cutting Edge

Manual Training Management

Scattered across multiple documents
Tedious manual aggregation, prone to errors
Customizations are difficult and time-consuming
No dedicated support, rely on internal expertise
Hours spent on manual tasks
Hidden costs in paper, time, and errors
Manual tracking, risk of non-compliance
Limited interaction, static learning experiences
Reliant on intuition and guesswork

Edstellar’s Training Management

Centralized platform with one source of truth
Automated reports with real-time insights
Pre-built templates and easy customization
Responsive customer support team
Streamlined processes & automation save time
Predictable subscription fees, ROI boost
Automated audit trails and reporting for adherence
Interactive features and dynamic training content
Data-driven insights for strategic decision-making

Why Edstellar TMS is Your Right Choice

Our system streamlines your complex and time-consuming training management processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for your institution. Discover why Edstellar TMS is the right choice:

  • Training Data at Your Fingertips.
  • AI-Assisted Tracking for Better Results.
  • Instant Access to Trainee-specific Data.
  • Save Time with Streamlined Training Operations

Make the intelligent choice with Edstellar TMS and transform your enterprise training management for unparalleled efficiency and success."

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Why Edstellar TMS is Your Right Choice

The ROI of Implementing a Training Management System

Get a substantial return on investment by deploying a Training Management System. Simplify training, increase productivity, and lower costs.


Increased Team Efficiency

Maximize the efficiency of your training resources by increasing instructor utilization rates.


Cost Savings

Increase productivity and performance with significant savings on typical training budgets.


Knowledge Retention

Learn how Edstellar's TMS can increase knowledge retention rates. When you assign the best trainers to your trainees, increase their retention of information by four times.


"Finally, a training platform that makes my life easier! Edstellar streamlines everything from program planning to tracking employee progress. No more spreadsheets and manual reports - it's all centralized and accessible. Plus, the integration with our HR system saves me tons of time."

- Sarah L

Training Manager at Tech Startup

"Investing in Edstellar was a game-changer for our company culture. We empower employees to take ownership of their development, while giving leadership valuable insights into training effectiveness. The ROI is clear - we've seen improved performance, reduced turnover, and happier employees."

- John Doe

CEO at Manufacturing Company

"Edstellar provides a user-friendly platform that makes delivering training a breeze. My materials are organized, engagement tools keep participants active, and reporting tools help me tailor future sessions. Plus, the global trainer network offers endless possibilities for collaboration."

- David Smith

Corporate Trainer

"Edstellar simplifies talent management by integrating seamlessly with our HR system. We can easily identify skill gaps, assign relevant training, and track employee development progress. This data-driven approach helps us make informed decisions about talent development and succession planning."

- Maria Gonzalez

 HR Director at Healthcare Organization


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Are your training operations still running on spreadsheets?

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