Corporate Active Listening Training Course

Edstellar's Active Listening instructor-led training course empowers professionals with the skills essential for effective communication in professional and personal settings. It covers the principles of active listening and the distinction between passive hearing and genuine comprehension. Empower the workforce to foster better relationships.

6 - 8 hrs
Instructor-led (On-site/Virtual)
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Active Listening Training

Drive Team Excellence with Active Listening Training for Employees

Empower your teams with expert-led on-site/in-house or virtual/online Active Listening Training through Edstellar, a premier corporate training company for organizations globally. Our tailored Active Listening corporate training course equips your employees with the skills, knowledge, and cutting-edge tools needed for success. Designed to meet your specific needs, this Active Listening group training program ensures your team is primed to drive your business goals. Transform your workforce into a beacon of productivity and efficiency.

Active listening is a communication technique that requires the listener to fully concentrate, comprehend, respond, and remember what is being said. The process often involves observing the speaker's behavior and body language. The ability to interpret and understand these non-verbal cues allows the listener to comprehend the speaker's message better.

Edstellar's virtual/onsite Active Listening course addresses the nuances of listening across different cultures and accents, a crucial skill in today's globalized workplace. It resolves conflicts amicably and boosts collaboration in their respective environments. The Active Listening instructor-led training course provides insights into responding appropriately while ensuring the speaker feels valued and understood.

Key Skills Teams Gain Through Active Listening Training

Active Listening skills corporate training will enable teams to effectively apply their learnings at work.

  • Feedback Evaluation
  • Complex Listening Strategies
  • Paraphrasing Techniques
  • Summarization Skills
  • Internal vs. External Barriers
  • Active vs. Passive Listening

Active Listening Training for Employees: Key Learning Outcomes

Edstellar’s Active Listening training for employees will not only help your teams to acquire fundamental skills but also attain invaluable learning outcomes, enhancing their proficiency and enabling application of knowledge in a professional environment. By completing our Active Listening workshop, teams will to master essential Active Listening and also focus on introducing key concepts and principles related to Active Listening at work.

Employees who complete Active Listening training will be able to:

  • Evaluate feedback received during conversations
  • Formulate strategies to handle complex listening situations
  • Construct effective paraphrasing and summarization techniques 
  • Compare and differentiate between internal and external barriers to listening
  • Understand the fundamental differences between active listening and passive hearing
  • Analyze various listening behaviors to identify and rectify personal communication barriers and habits

Key Benefits of the Active Listening Corporate Training

Attending our Active Listening classes tailored for corporations offers numerous advantages. Through our on-site/in-house or virtual/online Active Listening training classes, participants will gain confidence and comprehensive insights, enhance their skills, and gain a deeper understanding of Active Listening.

  • Teams equipped with active listening skills collaborate better
  • Active listening facilitates a deeper understanding of varying perspectives
  • Active listening training promotes clearer and more effective communication
  • Employees trained in active listening can better understand and address customer needs
  • When employees feel heard and understood, they are more engaged, motivated, and committed

Active Listening Training Topics and Outline

Our virtual and on-premise Active Listening training curriculum is divided into multiple modules designed by industry experts. This Active Listening training for organizations provides an interactive learning experience focused on the dynamic demands of the field, making it relevant and practical.

  1. What is communication?
    • Elements of effective communication
    • Verbal vs. Non-verbal communication
    • Importance of effective communication in personal and professional life
  2. The communication cycle
    • The sender and receiver model
    • Barriers in communication
    • Feedback mechanism
  3. Part 1: Invite and inform
    • Creating open lines of communication
    • Techniques for effective information sharing
  4. Part 2: Listen
    • Difference between hearing and listening
    • Importance of active participation in conversations
  5. Active listening
    • Definition and importance
    • Steps in active listening
    • Advantages of active listening
  1. Introduction
    • Importance of stages in listening
    • Listening vs. Hearing
  2. Clarification
    • Asking open-ended questions
    • Avoiding assumptions
  3. Paraphrase
    • Repeating in own words
    • Checking for understanding
  4. Reflection
    • Emotions and feelings acknowledgment
  5. Summarization
    • Condensing information
    • Ensuring key points are covered
  6. Practice and role-plays
    • Scenarios for practice
    • Feedback mechanism
  1. Common listening behavior
    • Identifying different behaviors
    • Impact on communication
  2. Combative listening
    • Listening to disagree
    • Recognizing and avoiding
  3. Passive listening
    • Effects and limitations
  4. Empathetic listening
    • Benefits and techniques
  5. The HURIER model
    • Breaking down the six-step model
  6. Application and techniques
    • Real-life scenarios
    • Implementing the HURIER model
  1. Introduction & self-assessment
    • Identifying personal listening styles
  2. Appreciative
    • Listening for enjoyment
  3. Empathetic
    • Listening with emotion and feeling
  4. Comprehensive
    • Listening for understanding
  5. Critical
    • Listening for evaluation and analysis
  6. Case-study and discussion
    • Real-life situations
    • Group discussion and analysis
  1. Stated and unstated needs
    • Recognizing verbal cues
    • Interpreting non-verbal cues
  2. Listening without judgment
    • Techniques and importance
  3. Sharing
    • Effective feedback
  4. Workplace application
    • Implementing empathetic listening at work
  5. Self-assessment
    • Evaluating personal empathy levels
  1. Introduction to listening barriers
    • What are barriers and why do they exist?
  2. Psychological barriers
    • Prejudices and biases
  3. Personalizing
    • Making conversations about oneself
  4. Attitudinal barriers
    • Fixed mindset and its impact
  5. Curiosity & questioning
    • Positive curiosity in conversations
  6. Ways to overcome internal barriers
    • Techniques and best practices
  1. Language barriers
    • Dialects and accents
  2. Physiological barriers
    • Hearing impairments
  3. Physical barriers
    • Noise and distractions
  4. Techniques to overcome external barriers
    • Active efforts and tools
  1. Tip of the ice-berg
    • Delving deeper than surface assumptions
  2. Key words
    • Importance in cross-cultural conversations
  3. Listen to understand
    • Avoiding stereotypes
  4. Global communication
    • Communicating in a globalized world
  5. Cross-cultural conversations
    • Understanding and appreciating differences

This Corporate Training for Active Listening is ideal for:

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Active Listening Corporate Training Prices

Our Active Listening training for enterprise teams is tailored to your specific upskilling needs. Explore transparent pricing options that fit your training budget, whether you're training a small group or a large team. Discover more about our Active Listening training cost and take the first step toward maximizing your team's potential.

Request for a quote to know about our Active Listening corporate training cost and plan the training initiative for your teams. Our cost-effective Active Listening training pricing ensures you receive the highest value on your investment.

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Our customized corporate training packages offer various benefits. Maximize your organization's training budget and save big on your Active Listening training by choosing one of our training packages. This option is best suited for organizations with multiple training requirements. Our training packages are a cost-effective way to scale up your workforce skill transformation efforts..

Starter Package

125 licenses

64 hours of training (includes VILT/In-person On-site)

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350 licenses

160 hours of training (includes VILT/In-person On-site)

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400 hours of training (includes VILT/In-person On-site)

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Target Audience for Active Listening Training Course

Active Listening training course is for the job roles such as medical professionals, customer support agents, sales representatives, HR managers, project managers, legal professionals, marketing professionals, real estate agents, team leads, supervisors, counselors, therapists, journalists and reporters, and negotiators with the principles of active listening.

The Active Listening training program can also be taken by professionals at various levels in the organization.

Active Listening training for managers

Active Listening training for staff

Active Listening training for leaders

Active Listening training for executives

Active Listening training for workers

Active Listening training for businesses

Active Listening training for beginners

Active Listening group training

Active Listening training for teams

Active Listening short course

Prerequisites for Active Listening Training

The Active Listening training course does not require any prerequisites. It can be taken by professionals from any background.

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Bringing you the Best Active Listening Trainers in the Industry

The instructor-led Active Listening training is conducted by certified trainers with extensive expertise in the field. Participants will benefit from the instructor's vast knowledge, gaining valuable insights and practical skills essential for success in Active Listening Access practices.

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Training Delivery Modes for Active Listening Group Training

At Edstellar, we understand the importance of impactful and engaging training for employees. To ensure the training is more interactive, we offer Face-to-Face onsite/in-house or virtual/online Active Listening training for companies. This method has proven to be the most effective, outcome-oriented and well-rounded training experience to get the best training results for your teams.


Instructor-led Training

Engaging and flexible online sessions delivered live, allowing professionals to connect, learn, and grow from anywhere in the world.


Instructor-led Training

Customized, face-to-face learning experiences held at your organization's location, tailored to meet your team's unique needs and objectives.


Instructor-led Training

Interactive workshops and seminars conducted at external venues, offering immersive learning away from the workplace to foster team building and focus.

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