A step-by-step guide to use our Integrated Managed Training Services Platform

Discover the power of our Integrated Managed Training Services Platform for all Instructor-led training.
Streamline your training processes, enhance learner experiences, and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Step 1

Onboarding and Account Setup

Experience a seamless onboarding process onto the Edstellar platform after an in-depth demo. Our dedicated team assists you at every step, from creating an account to setting up teams, managing access, integrations and configuring account preferences.

Step 2

Explore Onsite and Virtual Instructor-led Training Courses with Customization Options

Choose from our extensive course catalog or create specific training requirements for your organization's annual training program using the planner on your dashboard. Explore a variety of courses across industries and domains to meet your unique needs.

Step 3

Trainer Selection

Upon creating a training requirement, Edstellar provides a list of qualified, Edstellar-verified trainers. Select up to four trainers from the list based on your specific needs, or let Edstellar suggest the most suitable trainer aligned with your training requirements.

Step 4

Training Invitation and Response

Edstellar sends invitations to the shortlisted trainers, requesting their availability for the training. Trainers respond within 48 hours, considering their calendar engagements, ensuring prompt communication.

Step 5

Trainer Alignment Call and Confirmation

A trainer alignment call is scheduled to ensure a perfect match between the trainer and your specific training requirements. During the call, discuss training objectives, desired outcomes, and any customization needs for the course content, ensuring a tailored training program.

Step 6

Dedicated Training Execution Support

Benefit from a dedicated training coordinator who offers comprehensive support throughout the training planning and execution, ensuring a smooth experience for your organization and trainees.

Step 7

Training Reports and Feedback

Receive detailed reports and feedback from Edstellar upon completion of the training program. These insights help assess training effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Initiate Upskilling Journeys for Organization Teams with Edstellar

Plan and execute your organizational training with Edstellar. Fill out the form and help us connect with you to understand your requirements.

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