Instructor-led Training Delivery

Our Instructor-Led Training Delivery Experience combines on-site and virtual training, adapting to diverse learning styles and schedules for effective skill development. This flexible approach boosts employee engagement and fosters organizational growth. Seamlessly tailored to your business needs, it ensures impactful learning experiences.

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Instructor-led Training Delivery

Modes of Training Delivery

Each team's training needs are unique and so is our approach towards delivering a training solution. We offer training in both onsite and virtual modes to ensure a comprehensive learning experience to professionals.

Instructor-led Training (Inperson On-site)

Our expert instructors bring the training directly to your workplace, to deliver a hands-on learning experience and real-time engagement. Elevate your team's skills and knowledge through personalized training in a face-to-face setting. Explore our tailored in-person training solutions and make the most of your training investment.

Customized Learning Experience

Onsite training can be adjusted to the pace and specific learning needs of your team. The overall learning experience is enhanced through physical interaction, group discussions and peer-to-peer learning opportunity.

Hands-On Collaboration

Hands-on activities and exercises can be delivered in your work environment which enables professionals to apply their skills and knowledge in real-time.

Convenience and Accessibility

Save valuable time and resources by having the training brought directly to your workplace. Eliminate the need for travel, making it convenient for your team to participate without disrupting their daily routines.

Immediate Feedback and Training Adaptation

With onsite training, our instructors will be able to provide immediate feedback to professionals and adapt their training methods to suit the group. This enhances the effectiveness of the training.

Instructor-led Training (Inperson Virtual)

Our expert instructors deliver engaging and interactive sessions, bridging the gap between remote learning and personalized guidance. Join your team in a virtual space where real-time collaboration and hands-on experiences come together seamlessly. Explore our cutting-edge in-person virtual training solutions designed to enhance skills, foster teamwork, and drive professional development.

Flexible Learning Environment

Our in-person virtual training, allows your team to participate from anywhere. This flexibility eliminates geographical barriers, making it easy for team members to engage in training sessions without the need for travel.

Engaging and Interactive Sessions

We use advanced virtual training tools to deliver dynamic and interactive sessions. Through real-time collaboration and hands-on experiences in the virtual space, your team can actively participate, ask questions, and apply new knowledge immediately.

Personalized Guidance

Enjoy the advantages of personalized guidance in a virtual setting. Our expert instructors ensure that each participant receives individual attention, fostering a tailored learning experience that addresses specific needs and challenges within your organization.

Cost-Effective Solution

Save on travel expenses and associated logistics costs by opting for in-person virtual training.

Benefits of Edstellar Instructor-led Training

Explore the myriad benefits of Edstellar's instructor-led training, a solution that caters to the evolving upskilling demands of today's dynamic organizational environments.

High-Quality Training that Fits Your Budget

Our commitment to value-driven services ensures that companies receive maximum return on investment without compromising on the quality of training. Edstellar offers transparent pricing models, eliminating hidden costs, and enhances the purchasing power of the client. By focusing on delivering exceptional value and customer-centric training solutions, Edstellar aims to empower organizations in meeting their business objectives.

High Retention through Engaging Training

Our training programs stand out for their effectiveness in enhancing professional skill sets, primarily due to their high retention rates among participants. The programs are meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of professionals, ensuring that the learning experience is both relevant and engaging. The instructors are industry experts who bring real-world experiences into the classroom, creating a rich learning environment that fosters practical understanding and application.

Training Customized to Bridge Skill Gaps

Clients can take our comprehensive training needs analysis to identify skill gaps in teams. The results empower leaders to make data-backed decisions on their training investment. Edstellar designs training modules that precisely address the skills gaps, ensuring a focused and impactful learning experience. With our tailored approach, clients can be confident in cultivating building teams that are well-equipped to address their unique challenges and stay ahead in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Access to a Vast Pool of Expert Trainers

We understand that not every organization has all the necessary internal expertise required for specific training needs. Edstellar addresses this by providing access to a diverse pool of seasoned professionals who bring industry knowledge and practical experience through our training programs. Whether it's technical skills, leadership development, management expertise, or industry-specific skill requirements, our expert trainers collaborate with your organization to support you in your upskilling journey.

Scalable and Flexible Training Delivery

Edstellar has a global pool of highly qualified, and experienced trainers committed to delivering outstanding training experiences. It is the driving force behind our scalable and flexible training delivery capabilities. With this we are equipped to meet your training needs across multiple geographies. We can also deliver training in multiple languages.

Meet Training Needs with Quick Turnarounds

Edstellar's has a diverse instructor-led training portfolio. We are equipped to deliver training anywhere in the world based on the needs of the clients. Our agile approach to training delivery ensures that clients can rely on us to for timely and effective upskilling solutions, no matter how tight the schedule.

High-Quality Training that Fits Your Budget
High Retention through Engaging Training
Access to a Vast Pool of Expert Trainers
Scalable and Flexible Training Delivery
Meet Training Needs with Quick Turnarounds

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