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Benefits of Contributing to Our Blog

With Edstellar, you unlock new doors to opportunities in the domain of your expertise.

Amplify Your Reach

Amplify Your Reach

Gain exposure to a wide audience of professionals and organizations in the training, L&D, and HR domains.

Profile Strength

Profile Strength

Establish yourself as an industry expert, and leave a lasting impression with your bio along with a profile picture (optional).

Multi-Channel Promotion

Multi-Channel Promotion

 Extensive promotion to our exclusive database, Email newsletter, and social media channels.

Who Can Contribute to Edstellar Blogs?

We welcome contributions from professionals in the following roles:

  • HR professionals
  • Learning and Development (L&D) experts
  • Subject Matter Specialists
  • Trainers
  • Consultants

At Edstellar, we believe in the power of diverse perspectives and expertise. If you are passionate about making a valuable impact in the professional development community, join us as a guest author and establish yourself as a thought leader, and contribute to the growth of the industry. Together, let's create engaging and informative content that empowers organizations to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Our Focused Areas

At Edstellar, we strive to cover a wide range of insightful and relevant topics that resonate with our audience of professionals in corporate training, L&D, and Human resource. Our aim is to provide valuable content that drives excellence and innovation in these domains. Here are some of the categories we explore, shaping the future of professional development:

  • Employee Training
  • Skill Development
  • Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Management Training
  • Technical Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Sustainable Development
  • Gender Equality
  • Mental Health

To gain a better understanding of our preferred topics, content layouts, language, and tone, we encourage you to explore our existing blog posts. This will provide valuable insights and help you identify additional topics that align with our style and focus. We value your commitment to delivering high-quality content that resonates with our audience and look forward to your contributions.

How to Contribute and Become a Guest Author with Edstellar

At Edstellar, we welcome individuals from various backgrounds who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and insights in the categories we explore. Whether you are an HR professional, an Learning & Development (L&D) expert, a subject matter expert (SME), a trainer, or a consultant, we invite you to contribute and become an esteemed author on our platform. Here's how you can get started:

  • Identify Your Expertise:
    Determine the category or categories from the list above that align with your knowledge and experience. Choose the areas where you can provide valuable insights and contribute meaningfully.
  • Craft Your Ideas:
    Develop compelling ideas for blog posts  while considering the latest trends, challenges, best practices, and emerging topics to engage your audience effectively.
  • Understand Our Style: Take the time to explore our existing blog posts to familiarize yourself with our preferred content layouts, language, and tone. This will help you tailor your writing to our audience and maintain consistency with our style.
  • Write and Edit Your Blog Post:
    Upon acceptance, begin crafting your blog post with our audience in mind. Aim for a word count ranging from 900 to 2500 words to ensure depth and thoroughness in your content. Adhere to our guidelines for formatting, structure, and overall quality. Edit and proofread your post to ensure clarity, accuracy, and professionalism before submitting it for review.
  • Submit Your Proposal:
    Once you have refined your ideas, submit a proposal to us using the form provided below. Share a brief summary of your proposed topic, along with an outline or key points you plan to cover. We will review your submission and provide feedback or acceptance within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Include an Author Bio and Photo:
    At the end of your post, provide a short author bio that highlights your background, expertise, and any relevant credentials. You may also include a professional headshot or picture to personalize your author bio.
  • Submit and Await Publication:
    Send your completed blog post, along with your author bio and photo, to us for review and publication. Our team will review your submission, make any necessary edits, and notify you of the publishing date.

By contributing as a guest author with Edstellar, you have the opportunity to share your insights, make a valuable impact, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your respective field. We value your expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality content.

Your Voice Matters: Guest Author Guidelines

  • Unique and Original Content:
    Submit only original content that provides value to readers and has not been published elsewhere. Ensure your content is free from plagiarism by using plagiarism-checking tools.
  • High-Quality Standards:
    Maintain accurate information, well-researched content, proper grammar, and engaging language. Ensure the blog content contains at least one stats with source references.
  • Word Count:
    Aim for a blog post length between 1000 to 2500 words.
  • Formatting and Structure:
    Use subheadings to break down your content into digestible sections and include bulleted or numbered lists for concise presentation. (Max word limit to break a long paragraph is 100 words).
  • Use Visuals:
    Add relevant images, diagrams, charts, or infographics to support your article. You can share the reference image from Google (Add source link), or create a similar one in powerpoint/ Canva or any other preferred tool.
  • Citations and References:
    Use credible sources and provide proper citations or references.
  • Submission Process:
    Submit the blog post in either Word document (doc) format or provide a Google Docs link. This ensures compatibility and easy collaboration for potential revisions or edits before publishing.
  • Author Bio and Photo:
    Include a brief author bio (50-100 words) that highlights your background, expertise, and any relevant credentials, along with a professional headshot.

Terms and Conditions

  • Content Originality: All submitted content must be original, created by you, and not published elsewhere. Plagiarism or copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to make minor edits and other aspects of style without altering the core content of your article, for accuracy and quality standards.
  • We will consider your submission in no more than 5-6 business days.
  • Call-to-actions are subject to inclusion or exclusion at our discretion.
  • Relevance to Expertise: Guest posts must align with our previously declared field of expertise. We don’t publish guest articles about irrelevant subjects on our website.

By submitting your content as a guest author, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. We appreciate your contribution and look forward to collaborating with you to deliver meaningful and relevant content to our readership.

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