R Programming Corporate Training Course

R Programming Training course covers the practical aspects of statistical computing, including loading data into R, developing R functions, accessing R packages, debugging, profiling, organizing, and commenting on R code. The training by Edstellar improves the learning of data visualization, statistical modeling, and machine-learning techniques.

36 - 40 hrs
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R Programming Training

Drive Team Excellence with Corporate R Programming Training

R Programming training can be useful if the organizations are able to analyze large data sets and gain valuable insights to inform their business decisions. R Programming Training ensures building core skills on the basics of R programming, including data structures, data manipulation, and visualization techniques.

Edstellar's training program covers popular R data analysis and machine learning packages, such as dplyr, ggplot2, and caret. The organization undergoing the instructor-led training program enabled employees to use R to import, clean, and analyze data and create informative visualizations that can be shared with decision-makers.

How Does R Programming Training Benefit Professionals?

  • The techniques of the training program enable employees to analyze data, visualize, and model. Professionals can perform complex data analysis and generate insightful visualizations.
  • With the proper strategy, the organization turns unstructured, messy data into a structured format.
  • The training enables the employees to use R for storing, collecting, and interpreting data.
  • The training enables professionals to make code development easier.

Upskill the teams with R Programming Training to improve the understanding of an open-source programming language. The teams also learn technologies like Data Manipulation, Statistical Analysis, and Hypothesis Testing.

With Edstellar's verified trainers with extensive experience in various industries, the team receives the best-in-class R Programming training based on organizational needs.

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R Programming Training for Employees: Key Learning Outcomes

Develop essential skills from industry-recognized R Programming training providers. The course includes the following key learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to import, export, and manipulate data using R
  • Learn how to perform statistical analysis and modeling using R
  • Gain knowledge in machine learning concepts and their implementation in R
  • Understand the concepts of data visualization and data exploration using R
  • Understand the basics of data manipulation, cleaning, and visualization using R
  • Develop the ability to create interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards using R
  • Develop proficiency in R programming language and its associated tools and packages

Key Benefits of the Training

  • Get this training in your popular languages
  • Track multiple training projects on the Edstellar platform
  • Shortlist and select the best R Programming Trainer(s)
  • Internationally qualified and verified R Programming Trainers
  • An instructor-led platform for in-person or virtual training across the globe
  • Dedicated Training Management Solution to plan annual training programs
  • End to end Training design, plan, operations, and execution with dedicated project coordinators from Edstellar

R Programming Course Outline

The module provides an understanding of programming languages for data analysis, visualization, and statistical computing.

In this module, we will focus on techniques for manipulating and cleaning data in R. Team will also learn how to import data from various sources, including CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, databases, and APIs.

The team will learn various techniques for visualizing data in R, including basic plotting, advanced graphics, and interactive visualizations in this module. They will also be able to use data visualization techniques throughout any data analysis projects.

This module will dive into statistical analysis in R, including descriptive statistics, probability distributions, and inferential statistics.

Here we will cover the basics of machine learning in R, including supervised and unsupervised learning, model evaluation, and model selection. We will also learn how to perform classification, logistic regression models, and k-nearest neighbor models.

In this module, we will use the skills that we have learned in the previous modules to complete a real-world project that applies R to a specific problem or dataset

We will cover essential topics for managing and manipulating data in R. Loop functions are a key tool for automating repetitive tasks. This module teaches participants how to use loops in R to process large amounts of data efficiently.

The module discusses functions for simulations in R. It provides tools for generating random numbers, running Monte Carlo simulations, and conducting statistical simulations. It also provides a graphical interface for visualizing the profiler output, making it easier to understand where time is spent in the code.

This Corporate Training for R Programming is ideal for:

What Sets Us Apart?

This Corporate Training for R Programming is ideal for:

R Programming training can be beneficial for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Researchers, Statisticians, Business Analysts, Cross-functional Teams, and Project Teams.

Prerequisites for R Programming Training

Employees must have basic coding and programming skills to take up the training program.

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