Value Based Sales Corporate Training Course

Edstellar's instructor-led Value-Based Sales Training Program is designed to train organizations with strategies for successful sales outcomes. This program empowers employees to understand customer needs, articulate the value of their products or services effectively, and build long-lasting customer relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

16 - 24 hrs
Instructor-led (On-site/Virtual)
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Value Based Sales Training

Drive Team Excellence with Value Based Sales Corporate Training

On-site or Online Value Based Sales Training - Get the best Value Based Sales training from top-rated instructors to upskill your teams.

In today's competitive business landscape, organizations must go beyond traditional sales approaches and adopt a value-based selling methodology. An instructor-led Value-Based Sales Training Program offered by Edstellar is designed to meet the need. This program empowers professionals to understand the importance of value in the sales process and prepares them with the tools and techniques to deliver value effectively.

The program begins with a comprehensive exploration of the principles and concepts of value-based selling. Professionals gain a deep understanding of how to identify and articulate the unique value proposition of their products or services, aligning it with the needs and challenges of their customers. They learn to create persuasive and tailored value messages that resonate with potential clients, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

How does the Value-Based Sales Training Program benefit organizations?

  • By adopting a value-based selling approach, organizations can enhance their sales performance and achieve higher revenue growth.
  • This program equips sales teams with the skills to effectively communicate their offerings' value effectively, improving win rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Organizations build stronger customer relationships by understanding customer pain points and aligning their offerings with specific value drivers.
  • The program fosters collaboration among sales teams by providing them with a shared framework and language for understanding and articulating value.

Upskill teams with Edstellar's Value-Based Sales Training program to gain the knowledge and confidence for navigating complex challenges and inspire their teams. The certified trainers at Edstellar possess expertise in various domains across industries, ensuring the team receives the best-in-class Value-Based Sales training tailored to best match organizations' requirements.

Value Based Sales Training for Employees: Key Learning Outcomes

Develop essential skills from industry-recognized Value Based Sales training providers. The course includes the following key learning outcomes:

  • Build trust and credibility through value-based customer interactions
  • Implement value-based negotiation techniques for win-win outcomes
  • Craft compelling value propositions tailored to individual customer needs
  • Develop effective strategies for value communication and sales messaging
  • Identify customer value drivers and align them with product or service offerings

Key Benefits of the Training

  • Dedicated support for L&D teams
  • Expert trainers with industry experience
  • Competency matrix for skill gap analysis
  • Customizable scheduling and program delivery options
  • HRMS integration for streamlined training management
  • Tailored programs for different employee groups and levels
  • Hybrid training options for remote and in-person participation
  • Development of essential skills, including value identification, value articulation, active listening, objection handling

Value Based Sales Training Topics and Outline

This Value Based Sales Training curriculum is meticulously designed by industry experts according to the current industry requirements and standards. The program provides an interactive learning experience that focuses on the dynamic demands of the field, ensuring relevance and applicability.

1. Understanding the concept of value-based selling

  • Key principles and benefits
  • Differentiating value from features and price

1. Identifying customer needs and pain points

  • Mapping value drivers to product/service offerings
  • Conducting value assessments and diagnostics

1. Defining a unique value proposition

  • Articulating value in clear and compelling language
  • Tailoring value messages to target customers

1. Effective storytelling for value communication

  • Leveraging data and evidence to support value claims
  • Addressing objections and building trust

1. Understanding the negotiation process

  • Applying value-based negotiation techniques
  • Achieving win-win outcomes

1. Developing long-term customer relationships

  • Building trust and credibility
  • Leveraging value to drive customer loyalty

This Corporate Training for Value Based Sales is ideal for:

What Sets Us Apart?

Value Based Sales Corporate Training Prices

Elevate your team's Value Based Sales skills with our Value Based Sales corporate training course. Choose from transparent pricing options tailored to your needs. Whether you have a training requirement for a small group or for large groups, our training solutions have you covered.

Request for a quote to know about our Value Based Sales corporate training cost and plan the training initiative for your teams. Our cost-effective Value Based Sales training pricing ensures you receive the highest value on your investment.

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Our customized corporate training packages offer various benefits. Maximize your organization's training budget and save big on your Value Based Sales training by choosing one of our training packages. This option is best suited for organizations with multiple training requirements. Our training packages are a cost-effective way to scale up your workforce skill transformation efforts..

Starter Package

125 licenses

64 hours of training (includes VILT/In-person On-site)

Tailored for SMBs

Most Popular
Growth Package

350 licenses

160 hours of training (includes VILT/In-person On-site)

Ideal for growing SMBs

Enterprise Package

900 licenses

400 hours of training (includes VILT/In-person On-site)

Designed for large corporations

Custom Package

Unlimited licenses

Unlimited duration

Designed for large corporations

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This Corporate Training for Value Based Sales is ideal for:

The Value-Based Sales Training Program is developed for organizations seeking to upskill sales teams, sales managers, business development professionals, account managers, team leaders, and executives.

Prerequisites for Value Based Sales Training

The program does not require any experience.

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Bringing you the Best Value Based Sales Trainers in the Industry

The instructor-led Value Based Sales Training training is conducted by certified trainers with extensive expertise in the field. Participants will benefit from the instructor's vast knowledge, gaining valuable insights and practical skills essential for success in Value Based Sales practices.

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