Top 10 Corporate Training Companies in Germany
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Top 10 Corporate Training Companies in Germany

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by Pete Ford

Updated On Jan 30, 2024

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Germany's corporate training sector stands out for its robust and diversified offerings, addressing the comprehensive developmental needs of professionals across the economy. These top 10 training companies are at the forefront of equipping the workforce with essential skills, particularly as the country braces for economic growth in pivotal industries. 

Their specialized programs in languages, IT, management, and compliance are designed to drive innovation and enhance productivity, ensuring that German industries remain competitive and resilient in the face of global economic shifts.

Highlighting Trends in Germany's Economic Growth

The German economy has experienced fluctuations in its growth rate. In 2023, the economy contracted by 0.3% due to persistent inflation, high energy prices, and weak foreign demand. However, the long-term trend for Germany's GDP growth rate will be around 0.20 percent in 2025. 

Despite these challenges, Germany is expected to see an increase in current account surpluses and a growth forecast of 0.8% in 2024 and 1.2% in 2025. The main industries driving Germany's economic growth are the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical, and electrical industries, which account for a significant share of the country's GDP. The service sector also plays a vital role, representing around 70% of Germany's GDP. 

Despite the recent economic downturn, Germany's highly specialized industrial companies continue to be the engine of growth for the country and Europe.

Empowering Economic Growth In Germany with Top Training Companies

As Germany navigates economic challenges and anticipates growth in key industries, the role of corporate training companies becomes increasingly pivotal. Germany's top 10 training companies are well-positioned to support this growth by enhancing the workforce's skills in vital sectors such as automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical, and electrical industries. 

These training entities offer specialized programs aligned with industry needs, fostering innovation and efficiency. Through their commitment to organizational growth, their leadership, IT, language proficiency, and compliance services enable professionals to become more adept in their roles. As a result, these professionals are better equipped to contribute to the economy's growth, potentially increasing GDP and bolstering Germany's global market position.

Top 10 Training Companies In Germany

Germany boasts a vibrant corporate training landscape characterized by diverse specialized companies. These firms cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses. From language instruction and IT expertise to leadership development and compliance, these entities provide tailored training solutions that empower professionals and enhance organizational efficiency across various industries.

Top 10 Training Companies In Germany
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Each company's unique offerings and training methodologies underscore the country's commitment to fostering continuous professional growth and development.

Company 1: Edstellar

Edstellar is a global, one-stop, instructor-led corporate training solution for all organizational learning needs. It combines training administration and delivery services, a training management platform, and a global pool of 5000+ certified corporate trainers to deliver comprehensive training solutions to clients based in Germany.

Their mission is to simplify training management and empower organizations to maximize the potential of their employees. Edstellar's extensive catalog boasts over 1500 tailored courses across various disciplines, including Technical, Behavioural, Management, Compliance, and Leadership. With a commitment to deliver quality training services and global virtual and onsite delivery capability, Edstellar offers a seamless training experience for all corporate training needs in Germany.


Key Offering:

  • Training Administration and Delivery: Edstellar offers clients end-to-end training administration and delivery services. It takes a consultative approach to helping clients identify the skills gap and choose the right training program. The company has a global pool of trainers who can deliver the training as scheduled. The company also offers post-training support.
  • Training Management Platform: Edstellar has developed a powerful training management platform that allows organizations to plan, organize, schedule, and manage enterprise-wide training requirements delivered by Edstellar onsite and virtually across the world.


  • Diverse Course Portfolio: Access to 1000+ tailored training programs covering Technical, Behavioural, Management, Compliance, Leadership, and more.
  • Global Pool of 5000+ Trainers: Featuring top-tier qualified, certified, and verified trainers offering the best learning experience to professionals in the industry.
  • Global Onsite Training Delivery Capability: Edstellar promises to deliver onsite training to teams based anywhere in the world.


All Across Germany

Company 2: Target Training 

Target Training GmbH is a professional training company specializing in corporate training solutions. They focus on enhancing business skills and personal development through various programs. 

Their offerings include soft skills training, Business English, leadership development, cultural and diversity training, and industry-specific solutions. The company tailors its services to meet clients' unique needs, offering virtual and on-site training options. With a client-centric approach, they aim to integrate practical skills directly applicable to the workplace, supporting professionals across various industries and functional areas.

Target Training

Key Offering:

  • Soft Skills Training: This encompasses presenting, team and virtual team development, business writing, meeting and negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, sales and customer service training, and audit-specific training.
  • Leadership Training: This includes seminars, workshops, and coaching for managers, leaders, and high-potential employees.
  • Culture & Diversity Training: Focusing on understanding and navigating cultural differences in a business environment.


  • Business English Solutions: They provide specialized Business English training, including the "InCorporate Trainer" service, which integrates training into the workplace.
  • Virtual and On-site Programs: Target Training offers on-site and virtual training programs, including seminars, workshops, e-learning, and coaching.
  • Client-Centric Solutions: Their training solutions are tailored to individual client needs, focusing on practical application in the workplace.
  • Industry and Function Experience: They have experience across multiple industries and functions, providing training to professionals from various sectors.


Kopernikusstraße 13, 63071 Offenbach am Main

Company 3: INOVA Corporate Training

Inova Corporate Training is a specialized company offering corporate language training and personal development services. They focus on providing language training tailored to specific business needs and industries. 

Their services include language training for business purposes, industry-specific language training, and enhancing intercultural communication skills. Inova Corporate Training offers a range of language courses covering major languages like English, French, Spanish, and more. They utilize innovative learning platforms, combining online and in-person methods to offer flexible and effective training solutions.

Inova Corporate Training

Key Offering:

  • Language for Business Purposes (LBP): This includes business communication, presentation skills, intercultural competence, speech training, negotiation skills, sales, HR, and marketing language training.
  • Inter-cultural Training: Enhancing intercultural communication skills.


  • Comprehensive Language Offerings: Training in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian.
  • Innovative Learning Platforms: Blending online and in-person learning for flexibility and effectiveness.


Beim Alten Gaswerk 5, 22761 Hamburg

Company 4: International Motivation Training 

International Motivation Training Deutschland GmbH is a company that provides motivational training and skill development. They work extensively with employment agencies and job centers in Germany, offering a range of seminars and coaching services. 

Their focus areas include empowerment programs for women, professional development for public sector employees, corporate coaching, youth, and seminars for individuals transitioning to retirement. They also offer online seminars, adapting to modern and flexible learning methods.

International Motivation Training

Key Offering:

  • Employee Seminars for Authorities: Customized training for employees in governmental and public sectors.
  • Corporate Coachings: Offering professional coaching services for companies.


  • Retirement Transition Training: Special seminars for individuals transitioning to retirement.
  • Current AVGS Seminars: Offering a range of seminars approved by the German employment agency system (AVGS).
  • Online Seminars: Providing a modern and flexible option for training through online platforms.


Warschauer Str. 65, 10243 Berlin

Company 5: Future Training 

Future Training & Consulting GmbH is a company that specializes in providing a wide range of training and consulting services. They focus on corporate training, further education, and re-training, particularly in the IT and design sectors. 

The company also offers career services, including job placement, staffing, and professional IT consulting. Additionally, they manage a testing center and provide room rental services for training and conferences. Their approach is tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses and professionals in the professional landscape.

Future Training & Consulting

Key Offering:

  • Corporate Training: Customized training solutions for businesses.
  • Further Education: Advanced educational courses in various specialties.
  • Re-training: Programs for career shifts, especially in IT and design.


  • Career Services: Includes job placement and staffing support.
  • IT Consulting: Expert consulting services in the IT sector.
  • Testing Center: Facilities for professional certification and testing.
  • Room Rental: Leasing of training and conference spaces.


Lahnstraße 19, 12055 Berlin

Company 6: Fast Lane 

Fast Lane is an IT training and consulting company recognized for its comprehensive training solutions. They specialize in various IT-related topics, offering courses and certifications in collaboration with leading technology vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and AWS. 

Fast Lane's services extend to digital learning solutions and managed training services, catering to a diverse clientele. They are known for their cloud computing, AI, and cybersecurity expertise, providing classroom-based and online training options.

Fast Lane

Key Offering:

  • IT Training: Classroom, online courses, e-learning, and blended learning options
  • Advanced Technical Training: Specialized courses in AI, Cloud, and Cybersecurity.
  • Vendor-Specific Programs: Training for certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, and others.


  • Digital Learning Solutions: Online learning platforms.
  • Managed Training Services: Comprehensive training management.
  • Webinars and Events: Regular online events on emerging technologies and trends.


Oranienburger Str. 66, 10117 Berlin

Company 7: ITS Training

ITS Training GmbH is a company that specializes in creating engaging and comprehensive e-learning and training solutions. Their services are designed to be mobile-friendly and platform-independent, ensuring accessibility across various devices. 

The company offers custom training content tailored to specific corporate needs and general training on workplace safety, GDPR compliance, and Industry 4.0. They are recognized for their work in health education, particularly through their project with the Helmholtz Institute Munich. 

ITS Training

Key Offering:

  • Custom Training Solutions: Tailored e-learning content for specific corporate requirements.
  • General Topics Training: Includes workplace safety, GDPR compliance, and Industry 4.0.


  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Training content is accessible across various devices and platforms.
  • Industry-Wide Applicability: Courses suitable for a variety of industries.
  • Awards and Recognition: Notable achievements in health education with the Helmholtz Institute Munich project.


Am Oder-Spree-Kanal 23D, 12527 Berlin

Company 8: SAP Germany SE & Co. KG 

The SAP Training location in Frankfurt-Eschborn is a dedicated center for professional SAP education. They offer SAP technologies and applications courses, including the latest SAP S/4HANA. The center provides training for various business areas such as finance, customer experience, supply chain management, and HR solutions like SAP SuccessFactors. 

Their offerings include certification programs and various training methods, including on-demand learning through the SAP Learning Hub. This location is part of SAP's global network, providing education services to professionals and organizations aiming to enhance their SAP skills. 

SAP Training

Key Offering:

  • SAP S/4HANA Training: Focused on the latest SAP S/4HANA technologies.
  • Finance: Courses related to SAP finance solutions.
  • Supply Chain Management: Courses on optimizing supply chains with SAP tools.
  • HR and People Engagement with SAP SuccessFactors: Training in human resources management using SAP SuccessFactors.
  • Technology and Industries: Courses covering SAP technology and its application across various industries.


  • Customer Experience: Training on customer engagement and experience management using SAP solutions.
  • Network and Spend Management: Education on managing expenses and networks in SAP.
  • SAP Learning Hub: A platform for continuous learning and certification.
  • SAP Certification: Options for professional certification in different SAP technologies and areas.
  • Available Training Methods: Various methods for delivering training, including on-demand options.


Frankfurter Str. 1/9er, 65760 Eschborn


Evolanguage is a language school known for its diverse courses. They offer German language courses at various levels and English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish courses. The school specializes in exam preparation for German language certifications and provides business language training.

Evolanguage offers both online and in-person classes, catering to a global audience. They have multiple locations across Germany, making their courses accessible to a wide range of professionals and students.


Key Offering:

  • Business Language Training: Specialized language courses for professional purposes, including business German and English.
  • Courses in Other Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and other language courses.
  • Specialized Courses: Courses tailored for specific needs and industries, like medical professionals.


  • Exam Preparation: Preparation courses for German language exams like DSH, DaF, Telc, and Goethe.
  • Online and Live Courses: Online and in-person training options are available.
  • Multiple Locations: Offering courses in various German cities and online globally.


Paul-Heyse-Straße 6, 80336 München

Company 10: BiCortex Languages

BiCortex Languages is a language education company offering diverse language learning services. They provide online and face-to-face language classes, catering to various audiences, including children, adults, and corporate clients.

The company offers courses in many languages, emphasizing flexibility in learning formats with options like one-to-one, group, and self-paced courses. Additionally, BiCortex specializes in services like cross-cultural and language training for relocation purposes. 

BiCortex Languages

Key Offering:

  • Specialized Training Services: Cross-cultural training, in-company classes, and language training for relocation.
  • Courses for Various Audiences: Professionals and corporate clients.


  • Online and Face-to-Face Language Classes: Both options are available for various languages.
  • Diverse Language Options: Offering courses in many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and more.


Unter den Eichen 3, 38446 Wolfsburg


Germany's top training companies are pivotal in driving its economic resilience and growth, particularly as it rebounds from economic contraction and gears up for future expansion. With their diverse and specialized offerings, these institutions play a crucial role in ensuring the workforce is equipped with the cutting-edge skills required to thrive in Germany's core industries and service sector. 

In this context, Edstellar stands out with its extensive catalog of over 1000 tailored courses poised to meet organizational learning needs and empower professionals across Germany. Discover the transformative potential of Edstellar's training solutions and propel your team to new heights of expertise.

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